Yoga is a philosophy, a science and an art that has been practiced in India for over two thousand years.

Yoga means union or integration. It is a process of self discovery which unifies the human body, mind and spirit. Yoga practice increases our awareness of the world within and around ourselves.

Yoga asanas (postures) and Pranayama (breath control) teach us techniques of alignment and self observation. Studying the actions of the body help us to learn to self discipline and to focus the mind.

Regular practice of yoga benefits the practictioner in many ways. Asanas relieve the joints from stiffness and improve the whole posture. Muscles gain strength and flexibility. But the real significance of Yoga is in the interface between body and mind. As confidence and sensitivity grow, freedom is found in the body and stillness in the mind.

Balance, stability and flexibility are the practical skills which we develop in each posture. These skills can be transferred and used in our daily lives. Through observation of the effects of our actions, we learn to adjust ourselves on physical, mental and emotional levels. When we adjust our posture, breath and mind we can find peace and contentment within.